Looking for the right venue

Well, plenty to write about from the trenches of homeopathic veterinary practice, and, after a stab at Facebook Pages, I just feel like I need more options to have eye pleasing copy. It’s one thing to write useful material, another to have it nicely presented. So, a blog on WordPress it is!

I’m happy to report from the brisk and interesting practice that is mine, which is a rich source of demonstrating the possibilities of homeopathic prescribing (on species that know not what a placebo is!). And, sigh, filled with the usual examples of how conventional medicine doesn’t really cure chronic disease.

More as we go. For now, my feet just barely wet at the toes in blogging, I’ll explore setting up something nice and see if i can get some content posted over the weekend.

That time when a hush falls on the natural world

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