Death and Rebirth

A few weeks back, my long time web host indicated the server I was on was going to be upgraded, and my site,

would be offline for a couple of hours while that took place.

No biggie, right? Happens all the time. Usually in the wee hours of the morning when hardly anyone in the Western hemisphere would notice anyway.

But wait: did you say 2-4 pm on a Sunday?? That’s often prime time for my audience, and it’s when I normally post my weekly blog post.

48 Hours of Dark

Well, two hours stretched into a day, then into the second, and I decided this was no way to do business, so I set about moving the site to a new hosting company, Pagely.

Bad choice, it turns out. My long term old email address, was lost, as was my newer one that I was using mostly,

Lights out on the website, and no email.


I had to leap, and while I’d had Gmail in mind, decided I would pay for Enterprise services, as my business really depends on email to run, and, thanks in large part to phenomenal tech support (live! on the phone! viewing my screen with me!) from Google, we got email back. At least the Vital Animal address, which was the main one I was concerned about.

Leap Again!

Pagely turned out to be slow to load my site, had all sorts of problems doing basic things, like getting my RSS feed to show up in my MailChimp newsletters, and some third problem I’ve since forgotten. I decided to dump them as well, and last weekend, really stepped up to phenomenal hosting via Copyblogger’s Websynthesis.

Wow. Now my pages load so fast it’s incredible. Even updating a plugin or theme screams along instead of kind of doggedly changing.

But, alas, alt4animals has died in the transition. So has and, my light hearted early pages describing the ills of most commercial pet foods on the market and giving you some healthy alternatives.

The page I’d refer you to now for healthy pet food is here.

And the best way to reach me now is here.

New born out of the old. I love it.